Planning a camping trip?  It's hard to find wood at campsites these days.  Grab a bag or two of All-Wood Brand briquettes.  Easy to use and lights with just paper and matches.


Use All-Wood Brand briquettes on the grill or in your smoker.  Add a nice smoked flavor to anything you cook.  Ready to cook in a charcoal chimney after about 10 minutes! 


All-Wood Brand briquettes are great for home heating.  Clean burning with low creosote and only 1% ash makes them perfect for your woodstove or fireplace.

Welcome to All-Wood Brand!  All-Wood Brand provides a clean burning easy way to heat or cook.   By teaming up with local woodshops, we are reducing waste while producing sustainable heating.  Our briquettes are made from 100% kiln dried new wood and nothing else!